Friday, 27 March 2020

An Exhibition of work from Darran Thompson

Darran Thompson, although a relative newcomer to Paignton Photographic Club, is rapidly carving out a name for himself within the club as well as outside of it. Darran has a great eye for an image as can be seen in this exhibition of his work. Here he is mostly focusing on a project he's recently become involved with, Ballet and Dance, but he has far wider interests than this and updates to his portfolio will no doubt include some of the candid and landscape photography that he is also known for.

Friday, 27 March 2020

About The Club

Paignton Photographic Club is a long established photographic club with members of all ages and every walk of life. Monday night meetings have now returned to the Methodist Hall in Paignton where a wide range of guest speakers will talk about their photography and provide us all with hints and tips to help us improve our skill sets. Members are also encouraged to enter competitions which cater for every level within the club. For the 2023/24 season, our membership fee is £45 for the year, pro-rata for members joining later in the season. Come join us today, new members always welcome. 

Recent Images

Group A Section 1 HC A Egret With Reflection Robbie Clymo - Section 1 2023/24 Results Group A1 Section 1 HC Off Surfing Ross Elliott - Section 1 2023/24 Results Group A1 Section 1 HC Elberry Cove Bathhouse Colin Brooks - Section 1 2023/24 Results
cornwall_38_1600px - Golitha Falls, Trethevy Quoit & Minions cornwall_31_1600px - Golitha Falls, Trethevy Quoit & Minions cornwall_30_1600px - Golitha Falls, Trethevy Quoit & Minions
Hornet and Aphids - Kingsbridge Battle 2022 Dirty Windows - Kingsbridge Battle 2022 The Smoker - Kingsbridge Battle 2022


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