Kingsbridge Battle Results - It's a win for Paignton!

We are pleased to announce the results for this years Kingsbridge Battle. In a highly competitive battle, Paignton emerged triumphant over Kingsbridge by the slimest of margins, just 10 points from 60 entries. The final scores were Kingsbridge 446 to Paigntons 456.

Judging by the informative and relevant comments associated with each image from competition judge Pedro Landers who, in his intro says, "I am a physicist by training without an artistic bone in my body", some considerable effort must have gone into the judging process. Top scorers on the Paignton side included Julie MacGowan for 'Winter at the Buchaille', Carlo Bragagnolo for 'Gone Fishing', Julia Rich for 'The Pass through Widdale', Tony Mathews for 'Male Orange Tip' and Stuart Chapman for 'Cornering to Victory'. Congratulations not only to these photographers but of course, every photographer, on both sides, for their amazing images.

In order to provide you with the full results, including all of the images from both Kingsbridge and Paignton, Alex Hamer has manfully redacted the judging overview into a manageable PDF that you can download, review and cherish.




Newsletter 3 March

Dear All There was a very good variety of great images on Monday.  Well done to all those who were placed. All the images can be viewed elsewhere on this website. For anyone who is interested in Don McCullin, it is worth a trip to Bruton in Somerset to visit Hauser and Wirth who are running an exhibition of his work.  The exhibition, titled The Stillness of Life is there until 4 May.  Entry is free, they just ask for donations.  It has a very nice restaurant, but I would suggest booking a table if you want to eat, as it is very busy.  Have a look at the website if you are interested See you all on 16 March when we have Jack Lowe from the RNLI.  Angie Cottis

News from the PAGB: Check out E-news 249 with lots of photographs from Hilary Bailey, Tim Pile and Christine Widdall, a great article explaining plagiarism, a feature about keeping records by Dorchester CC, another chance to book an APM Advisory session at The Photography Show and much, much more.

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Photography Competition

Hello All. My name is Jennifer Russell and I am a Casting Researcher at Storyboard Studios, an independent production company based in Glasgow.

We have been commissioned by BBC to make a brand new photography competition series and we are looking for people who would like to apply to take part.  The show will follow six amateur photographers as they compete for assignments and are mentored by some of the most influential and exciting photographers working in Britain today.

(NB We are defining amateur as someone who doesn’t earn more than 50% of their income from photography).

We are looking to hear from passionate and talented photographers who have the ability and flair to take part in a contest where one person will be named Photographer of the Year. If you feel your work has a distinctive vision and captures the world around you in a fresh way, we would love to hear from you. If you, or anyone you know might be interested in finding out more on how to apply: Applications are now open! Please head to to see the full terms and conditions and for information on how to apply.

If you have any questions please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and a member of the team will be able to help. I would be grateful if you could forward to anyone you think might be interested, and/or post on your social media to reach out to your followers. Thanks for your help. Kind regards, Jennifer

Image Editing Knowhow

As mentioned at the Club a few weeks back and in my recent email, we are proposing to set up two groups to share editing knowhow.  

The first will be the ‘Essentials’ group, which will take a fairly structured approach to some of the core editing skills.  This would be useful for those in the early stages of their editing journey, and for those who would like a refresher. The second will be the ‘Freestyle’ group, which will take a more informal approach with various members explaining how they edited particular images with their own preferred techniques and style.  

In relation to the Essentials Group, we are conscious of the fact that members may be using a range of different software packages.  We will do our best to accommodate these, but will need to know what we are dealing with in advance.  This is of less importance for the Freestyle Group. 

So, two things.  First, if you are interested in taking part in either of these groups, please let me know.  Second, if it is the Essentials Group that interests you, please could you let me know which software package you currently use. Assuming there is sufficient interest, we can then start planning things in a little more detail. I look forward to hearing from you. Alex

Summer Outing

For this summer I am arranging for a visit to Somerset Rebels Speedway.

Somerset Speedway is located at; Oak Tree Arena Bristol Road Edithmead Nr Highbridge Somerset TA9 4HA

Come and photograph a great motorsport and enjoy some Rebels hospitality. We will taken on a pre-meeting tour of the pits and track, and told about the sport, which is one of the most exciting motorsports around, with machines that can out accelerate a Formula 1 car from a standing start to 60mph. On top of that they have no brakes, and no gears, and race on an enclosed circuit, made up of loose shale, and all on a motorbike that weighs around 70kgs, and produces over 70bph, and often race just inches from the safety fence, whilst neck and neck with an opponent.

We are offered a table in the Clubhouse, exclusively for the use of our group for the evening. Our table will give us access to the VIP guest area, if you wish, and included is a Mixed Platter of food, consisting of Burgers, Chicken Strips, Mozzarella bites, Onion Rings, Corn on the Cob and chips . You don’t need to stay in the guest area, you are free to wander the public areas, and take photographs of the action (subject to some safety rules etc).

There are numerous great viewpoints around the arena all of which will provide you the opportunity to capture some stunning images. All we ask is that you consider the enjoyment of the other supporters whilst doing so.

The cost of the evening is £20 and all those wanting to go can book through Lesley, payment is required at the latest by the Annual Diner. So for your money our party will enjoy: Table(s) for the exclusive use of your party Access to the guest area Mixed Food Platter Pre-meeting tour of the Pits and Track (**subject to available time)

Please note drinks are not included, but can be purchased separately from the clubhouse bar The event is Wednesday June 24th and is subject to weather conditions and if cancelled then an alternative evening will be chosen, meet up in the car park for 5.45 p.m. as pits are open from 6.00 p.m. Stuart

About The Club

Welcome to the Paignton Photographic Club website, designed to help showcase and promote the photography of its membership and the club as a whole. 

New members are always welcome, we run regular meetings across the autumn and winter inviting a wide range of guest speakers to talk to members about their photography including tips and tricks within their specialisations.

Recent Images

Section 1 Open DPI - Group A1 HC Stuart Chapman, Whoops Section 1 Open DPI - Group A HC Dorothy Mathews, Scarce Chaser Section 1 Open DPI - Group A HC Christopher Frost, Calling For Help
James Wilson Trophy 2019 - 1st Place Fast Rain Fast Train_Webb, Nick James Wilson Trophy 2019 - Highly Commended Flow_Hamer, Alex James Wilson Trophy 2019 - 6th Place Smithson, Dave Inside The Christmas Tree
Section 4 Prints Open Theme - 6th Place Group A Chris Champ Atlantic Grey Seal Pup Section 4 Prints Open Theme - HC Group A Willie Wilson Mandarin Duck Section 4 Prints Open Theme - 6th Place  Group A1 Robert Gray The Airshow



Boring Copyright Stuff

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