Use this handy table to keep an eye on the last possible dates for entry into the various internal competitions the club holds throughout the 2023/24 season.

With regards to competition management, this is done using PhotoEntry which requires images to be no larger than 1600px landscape at a 3:2 ratio i.e. 1600 x 1200. The maximum file size allowed is 10MB per image with a colourspace of sRGB.

PLEASE NOTE: We will be updating this page regularly so please check back soon for more information.

02.10.23 Hand in date for Section 1 "Open"

16.10.23 Hand in date for James Wilson Cup with theme "People at Work".

30.10.22 Hand in date for Section 2 "Open" theme

20.11.22 Hand in date for Sleep Trophy - Open Theme, three image Triptych

04.12.23 Hand in date for Chairman's Challenge

08.01.24 Hand in date for Section 3 "Open"

12.02.24 Hand in of Section 4 "Prints"

19.02.24 Hand in of submissions for Diplomas & Photo Books

26.02.24 Hand in date for Mason Trophy

18.03.24 Hand in date for Poulson and Dyment Cups

About The Club

Paignton Photographic Club is a long established photographic club with members of all ages and every walk of life. Monday night meetings have now returned to the Methodist Hall in Paignton where a wide range of guest speakers will talk about their photography and provide us all with hints and tips to help us improve our skill sets. Members are also encouraged to enter competitions which cater for every level within the club. For the 2023/24 season, our membership fee is £45 for the year, pro-rata for members joining later in the season. Come join us today, new members always welcome. 

Recent Images

Group A 4th Place Wet Duck Chris Vincenti - Section 2 2023/24 Results Group A1 2nd Place Taking A Drink Stuart Chapman - Section 2 2023/24 Results Group A HC Place Self Drying Penguin Tracey Hodges - Section 2 2023/24 Results
2 TQ2 Worlds Apart - Specialised Diploma Dave Collerton 4 TQ2 Worlds Apart - Specialised Diploma Dave Collerton 7 TQ2 Worlds Apart - Specialised Diploma Dave Collerton
Group A1 4th Place Clarke, Peter_URBAN SPRAWL Section 2 - Section 2 Prints GROUP A 2nd Dave Collerton with The Waiting Room - Section 2 Prints Group B 1st Place Thompson, Darran_Barbers Alley Section 2 - Section 2 Prints


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Boring Copyright Stuff

It's a great image right! Unfortunately, it's copyright its respective owner so I'm afraid you can't download it. If an image catches your eye, perhaps you want to use it in an editorial or marketing campaign, contact us and we'll put you in touch with the owner.