A talk on Photographic Workflow by Mac Chivers

For our first talk of the season (25/09/2023) we have Mac Chivers who is going to talk us through the benefits of developing a streamlined workflow for our photography and in particular how we can improve our post-processing activities to save time.

Mac's passion for photography started in the 1960s when he saved his pocket money and bought a cheap 35mm camera (Boots Beirett). Since then he's been shooting, developing, printing, exhibiting, and deriving great pleasure from it. When people ask him what sort of photography he does his stock answer is "slow photography". This is meant in the sense that time is an essential ingredient when contemplating, preparing a shot or shoot, and when considering it's post-processing. He has never stopped learning and he considers that ongoing regular practise seems to help with continual improvement, although of course, that may be hubris and is best judged by others. What he does enjoy is discovering the work of different photographers and trying to pass on his enthusiasm to inspire others to keep improving their own work.

In addition to his personal interests, Mac also give talks and workshops mostly, for clubs in the south west of the UK. His details are listed on the Western Counties Photographic Federation website and in their printed guide. 

With regards the title of this talk, "Photographic Workflow" professional photographers need to be sure that they rapidly achieve consistent results in their work and to aid this they develop their own methods of working particularly when it comes to post- processing image files. This talk steps through a systematic approach that will help any photographer achieve the best image quality possible from their equipment and their post-processing and editing work.

If this talk interests you or you would like to chat with Mac, feel free to visit the club on the evening of Monday 25th September at the hall at the back of the Methodist Church on Palace avenue. As will all events here at Paignton Photographic Club, talks etc all start at 19h30 with the doors open from 19h00. All welcome, visitors can pay a small entry fee on the night which includes tea or coffee. We hope to see you all there on Monday night.

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