Newsletter #2

Despite a very wet and windy Monday evening, the club’s first meeting back in the hall since December 2019 was well attended and went brilliantly! I arrived early with the intention to help setting up. Well, I got to the hall and there Chris, Mike and Lesley was all set up and rearing to go! Well done Guys, you did us proud! 

Every member coming through the door was greeted with heartfelt enthusiasm. Everyone was a trooper and brought their COVID lateral flow test results with them. Thank you for that guys. 

Our seating was well spaced out but that did not stop conversations flowing and I’m sure me must have sounded like a flock of birds twittering in a tree because like usual it was loud with lots of laughter ringing out. Phil and Chris are new members who joined the club during the last 18 months and it was great to see them there. Guys, I hope you enjoyed yourselves and that we will be seeing more of you. Unfortunately Stuart, our Chairman, could not attend the meeting. Stuart’s mom has taken seriously ill. Stuart, we wish your mom a speedy recovery and please keep us posted on her progress. 

Our ever gallant Vice Chairman, Mike Bond, led the meeting for the evening. Mike, Happy Belated Birthday! Thank you for sharing your very special day with us. Nope, there was no cake. Mike made us believe his ravenous family ate it all…LOL!! 

It was great to see Rod Fry there after his health challenges during the last almost 2 years. If you see Rod walking extra skew, it is from the 3.5kg weight of his new titanium hip …LOL! Rod hopes to receive the second new hip in the next 3-4 months. Dave Collerton was there and has recovered well from his hip replacement during the lockdown. 

Chis Arkell did an amazing job! Chris run the Zoom setup to connect our speaker and our zoom members with us in the hall. The zoom meeting connection was then displayed on the big screen for us. Brian Northmore gave us an excellent talk named “On Dartmoor”. Brian showed us photographs of his 10 year long journey photographing Dartmoor. It was extremely interesting as Brian gave us such a good summary of the history of Dartmoor and how he has tried to capture the remnants of this history with his photography. Then Brian shared his photographic journey with black and white photographs and eventually to colour photography.  Throughout his talk it was clear that we as photographers need to shoot local, understand our environment and connect with it. We need to plan for possible locations, keep well informed of the weather patterns as well as understand our local weather patterns. Always keep a list of future locations of interest to shoot to always have a plan B lined up. Overall: Experiment, Experiment, Experiment. Brian could not see the audience, only the zoom meeting members and commented on how strange that felt for him. He has enjoyed connecting with various camera clubs via Zoom. Brian loves to share his knowledge and experiences with other photographers and have loads of videos on YouTube. You can see more of Brian’s work on his website: or visit his YouTube channel on:  

All in all it was a very successful meeting well attended and thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks again to Mike, Lesley and Chris Arkell for their hard work to make everything happen for us. 

Guys, if you have not yet paid your subscriptions for the new season, please may I ask you to do so as soon as possible. If you have not yet looked at our fantastic website that Dave Collerton has set up, please do so here: If you would like set up a gallery of your images on the site, contact Dave Collerton. If there is any news you would like to share with the club in our weekly newsletter, please contact me directly. 

Looking forward to seeing even more of you on Monday evening. You would be able to join us at the hall or on a Zoom meeting. On Monday evening we are going to listen to a talk by Huw Alban called: “Emotional Landscape”. 

Kind Regards  

Cornelia Frost, Paington Photography Club Secretary


Just a quick reminder that next Monday we will be meeting in the church hall but we will still be doing Zoom for anyone not wishing to attend at the moment.

Next weeks talk is by Brian Northmore on Dartmoor .Next week is also hand in date for the first of our competitions, it is Section 1 dpi's with open theme and you can enter up to 3 images. For those new members and those who have forgotten, entries are made by PhotoEntry and the instructions can be found on our web site at

Maximum image size is 1600 pixels wide by 1200 pixels high.

Images must be in JPG format and colour space set at sRGB.

The title you use will be the one projected on the screen.

Any queries please contact myself or Chris Arkell.

Tonight we had a great demonstration of AV work by Sheila Haycox, a very varied selection which gave plenty of food for thought. Showed a great use of timing with music and how simple transitions and careful choosing of images can make a great AV

Stuart Chapman, Chairman

Okehampton Rail 150th Anniversary

We've received this message from Paul Vachon at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. regarding the Okehampton Rail 150th Anniversary.  His message is below:

Hi, I'm organising an anniversary event Okehampton Rail 150th Anniversary to celebrate 150 years since Okehampton Railway station was opened in 1871.

Much of the event entails taking the town back to Victorian 1871. With this in mind I'm seeking a photographer who uses a Victorian plate camera and would be willing to dress the part and take some photographs. Do you know of anyone who might fit the bill?.

Kind regards


Paignton P C Newsletter & Update

A message from our chairman, Stuart Chapman

Hi All

Well, we now have the 2021/22 under way. The first meeting rather informal was attended by Zoom. There was a fair bit of discussion the main focus raised by the members was, when will we start meeting in person? When starting to plan this year the number of cases was on the increase, especially down here, so we looked at the use of Zoom, but now the trend is reversed we can think of meeting again in person.

So to be democratic I emailed all the members for their thoughts. The response from our 41 paid up members was


No .....5

Even if all those who didn't vote, voted no, it would still be a majority for the Yes vote.

So how do we put this in practise.

The hall is large enough to have chairs spaced apart, Members can wear masks and hand sanitiser will be available. For the time being we will not serve drinks so please fetch your own. The one prerequisite is that a negative lateral flow test has been done day of the meeting. All our speakers and judges for the remainder of this year are being done by Zoom, so those not attending will still be able to join in.

With these points in mind, we are going for the 4th October as our start up meeting in person. If you have any thoughts please get back by return.

Finally, also on Monday we had a showing of the International Competition which we won. Thanks to Alex for sharing this.

Next week we have a talk from Sheila Haycox. This is on Monday 27th September via Zoom.

Take Care


Isle of Skye Photo Book Offer

The following email was received from Dave Hickey. It is shared with members of the club and other visitors to this website as a courtesy to a fellow photographer. Please note that Paignton Photographic Club cannot and does not make recommendations regarding the work of individuals or businesses. It is up to you to do your own research and make up your own mind. 

David writes...

My name is Dave Hickey and I was a member of the Penistone Camera Club for several years. During that time I became so obsessed with landscape photography, that 10 years ago I persuaded my wife to take early semi-retirement with me and move to the Isle of Skye, where we opened a B&B that catered mainly for landscape photographers. I also started to run my own photography workshops and tours for several years, until we fully retired a few years ago. I then decided to write down everything I had been teaching in my photography workshops, as well as mapping out in detail all the amazing locations I had discovered over the years and which ultimately led me to creating a 270 page in-depth guide, to all the most beautiful, photographic locations on the Isle of Skye and across the North West of Scotland and which is now being very well received within the photographic community around the world - please take a moment to watch this short clip by Keith Cooper of North Light Images fame and hear what he has to say about the book - - or read his review on the North Light Images website -

I am also adding many more FREE chapters and location guides, to all the other locations I am continuing to photograph and document around Scotland and which you can read here -

So as a special thanks to Penistone Camera Club and all the good work that they are continuing to do, as well as all the other photography clubs and societies around the UK, I would like to offer my book to you and your members at a 20% discount and which is only available through this link -

Kindest Regards Dave Hickey

If you would like to know more about me and how I got here, then please go to this link -

About The Club

Paignton Photographic Club is a long established club with members of all ages and every walk of life. Monday night meetings are held in the Methodist Hall in Paignton where a wide range of guest speakers talk about their photographic journey and provide us all with insights to help us improve as photographers. Members are encouraged to enter competitions which cater for every level within the club. For the new season, our membership fee is £48 for the year with concessions for couples and for young people. Fees are pro-rata for those joining later in the season.

Member Photos

Luskentyre II - An Exhibition of work from Alex Hamer Early hours - Tarbert, Harris - An Exhibition of work from Alex Hamer Galmpton, Devon - An Exhibition of work from Alex Hamer
A Group 6th Place Mick Medley Dawlish Warren Dunes - Section 3 2021/22 Open Theme A Group 3rd Place Mick Medley Fishing - Section 3 2021/22 Open Theme B Group 1st Place Dave Brimley Old Pier - Section 3 2021/22 Open Theme

Archived Images

GROUP A1  HC Peter Clarke with Notre Dame, Paris - Section 3 Dusk Til Dawn Open DPI GROUP A1 HC Nick Webb with Willow The Wisp - Section 3 Dusk Til Dawn Open DPI GROUP A 1st Ross Elliott with Thriller - Section 3 Dusk Til Dawn Open DPI


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