Newsletter 10 February

Oh dear it has happened again, our judge didn't turn up, but he did give a few hours notice and the ever hard working Stuart Chapman stepped in to read out David Clapp's comments, not an easy job, so well done Stuart. Well done to all the winners. As usual there were some great pictures. For anyone who is interested in the DPIC event held in the Corn Exchange in Exeter last Sunday the results can be viewed at  Over 50 clubs entered and Paignton came 36th, much the same as last year. Well done Tony Matthews for scoring 13 points on three photos. The maximum that can be scored is 15. On Monday we have "Shots in the Dark" with Adrian Harris and Miranda Woods (hopefully). See you all on Monday. Angie Cottis

Newsletter 3 February

What a great evening we had on Monday with David Snowden. It was good to see something a bit different, enjoyed it immensely, hope you all did too.  The combination of photos and videos was great.

On Monday we have David Clapp judging our 'Dusk to Dawn' competition.  Also, don't forget it is the last day for entering our Open Competition, which is a print competition.  So don't forget to bring your prints along and also send a copy to our Photo Entry site.

As you can see I have attached a copy of E-news.  It is sent to me regularly, so I thought I would send it on.  Hope you find it interesting. See you all on Monday

Angie Cottis

Newsletter 13 January 2020

Angie Cottis writes  It was all change on Monday due to our speaker Dave Mason being unwell, so well done everyone who made the evening a success. Mike Bond for helping with printing, Rod Fry introducing working with photo books,  Willie Wilson setting up still life for photo practice and Alex Hamer for instruction on Photoshop and Lightroom, with assistance from Dave Collerton introducing Luminar and ON1  It was all very helpful and informative. 

On Monday we have the Chairman's Challenge competition result, chaired by Rod and voted by all the members.  The theme is a "Closer Look". 

Monday is the the last date for entry to No 3 DPI competition "From Dusk to Dawn" so get your entries in.

Don't forget Rod Fry and the Review Group are meeting on 21 January at 7.30 at the Conservative Club.  The theme is looking at how the USA influenced the photographic world. Also the group will be looking at favourite photographs.

Chairman's Challenge Results 2020

We are pleased to announce the results of this years Chairman's Challenge. We all had a great night choosing our favourite mages which despite the title of A Closer Look was not overpowered by macro images, far from it, a good majority of the images indeed required the viewer to take a closer look. Congratulations to Darran Thompson for taking 1st Place and to Willie Wilson in 2nd, Mike Hales in 3rd and Mike Bond in 4th for some equally creditable entries. You can see all of the placed entries by visiting the competitions gallery.

New Photography Youtube Show - Photography Online

Some news from YouTube contributor Joyce Chan regarding a new photographic channel that may be of interest to PPC membersJoyce writes Happy New Year! I am getting in contact to bring to your attention a new photography YouTube show which has been in the making for the past 2 years. It’s a free to watch monthly show released on the final Sunday of each month at 4pm. Each show will be around 40 minutes in duration and will consist of a combination of tutorials, equipment reviews, location information, editing tips, as well as some photography related entertainment. We will also be giving away some impressive prizes. The show is produced on the Isle of Skye but we cover locations all over the world as we follow professional photographers going about their business. The show is aimed at all levels of photographer, with some of our features focusing on more basic skills and others being more advanced. This is a brand new show for 2020 and we are trying to get the word out, so please help us by forwarding details to the members of your camera club. We hope you enjoy watching the shows - the first of which is available now. Many thanks for your time and I wish you all the best in 2020. Kind regards,

About The Club

Paignton Photographic Club is a long established club with members of all ages and every walk of life. Monday night meetings are held in the Methodist Hall in Paignton where a wide range of guest speakers talk about their photographic journey and provide us all with insights to help us improve as photographers. Members are encouraged to enter competitions which cater for every level within the club. For the new season, our membership fee is £48 for the year with concessions for couples and for young people. Fees are pro-rata for those joining later in the season.

Member Photos

Berryhead (1 of 1) - An Exhibition of work from Ken Dixon Auswichtz - An Exhibition of work from Ken Dixon Mobile Man - An Exhibition of work from Ken Dixon
5th Place Rose_Rich, Julia - James Wilson Trophy 2019 1st Place Fast Rain Fast Train_Webb, Nick - James Wilson Trophy 2019 Highly Commended Flow_Hamer, Alex - James Wilson Trophy 2019

Archived Images

4th Place Water Ladies_Hales, Mike - James Wilson Trophy 2019 Highly Commended Flow_Hamer, Alex - James Wilson Trophy 2019 2nd Place Glory_Godfrey, Sharron - James Wilson Trophy 2019


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