Paul Stevens 3-Way Battle 2020 | Overall Results

The result are in and as expected, the 2020 Paul Stevens 3-Way Battle between Torbay, Newton Abbot and Paignton Photography Clubs was very keenly contested with some excellent images from all three clubs. The judging this year was from the highly respected Mirija Lees, LRPS.

This year, Torbay ruled supreme taking top honours in both DPI and PRINT sections. Paignton did well in both sections, coming second in the PRINT section and joint second in the DPI section. The actual points difference between 1st and 3rd was however never more than 8 points so an extremely close result befitting three great clubs. If you would like to see the quality of the images from this competition you can view all of the images from each section, as well as see the score cards, by visiting the links provided below.

The winning image for the DPI section, scoring 20 points, was from Christina Burton of Newton Abbot with Courting Great Crested Grebes

To view the entire DPI image gallery, simply double click on the image above. To view the overall scoring and results, visit 2020 Paul Stevens 3-way Battle DPI Results

The winning image for the Print section, scoring 20 points, was from Jan Lunn of Torbay with Young Fallow Buck

To view the entire Print image gallery, simply double click on the image above. To view the overall scoring and results, visit 2020 Paul Stevens 3-way Battle PRINT Results

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E-news and Newsletter

Hope everyone is ok whilst in lockdown.  Beginning to get used to it a bit, but only a bit.  I miss being able to get in the car to go and do something, especially my golf.  Sorry its been a while since I wrote out to you all, but I have only just got my laptop back after being repaired.  I am still having problems, but a different problem in that I now can't open any of my raw files in Photoshop Elements.  I hope he can sort it for me, but at present it is proving difficult.  

Below is a message from Julia Rich for anyone who is interested in an online photography course.  There is a FREE online photography course offered by Karl Taylor Photography for those who wish to learn about using their cameras.  It is a series of short videos on various aspects of photography and is both simple and comprehensive, covering the necessary basics that everyone needs.  Its also an enjoyable watch - whether you are starting out in photography or already know a lot - so something to relieve boredom over the next few weeks if you wish.  Here is a link to the site:  

Don't forget tonight at 7.30 is the Webinar with Paul Sanders, courtesy of Exeter Camera Club, the link is below. Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

International Club Competition Results

Club members will no doubt remember that each year the Club participates in an international competition against clubs from the US, Australia and South Africa. Last year we were without a club participating from the US. This year we were joined by the Charlotte Camera Club from Charlotte, North Carolina. The South African club is the Creative Camera Club from Cape Town. The Australian club is from Albany in Western Australia. Each club submits 30 images and this year they were judged independently by a panel of 3 judges.

We were not the winners this year; the laurels went to Charlotte Camera Club. However, we were runners up, so we should be proud of that. However, some of our individual images did very well with honours for the best image of the entire competition going to Carla Bryan's - The Stare. Very well done Carla.

Also to be congratulated for highly commended mentions are:

Gone Fishing - Carlo Bragagnolo

Red Dragon - Stuart Chapman

Over the Sea to Skye - Russell McGowan

Male Orange Tip - Tony Mathews

There were some excellent images entered by all the clubs for this year's competition and you will be able to view them all by viewing and downloading the THE WAUSSAUK INTERCONTINENTAL PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPETITION Final.pdf

My thanks to our selectors: Julie McGowan, Stuart Chapman, Sharron Godfrey and Dave Smithson. Particular thanks to our DPI Comp Sec Dave Smithson for making it all happen.

Macro photography webinar by Victoria Hillman - Thursday 2 April 7.30pm

Dear All, following an extremely kind and generous offer from Exeter Camera Club (ECC), we have an opportunity to participate in a webinar this coming Thursday evening organised by ECC. The speaker is Victoria Hillman, a zoologist photographer and the title of her talk is 'The Wonderful World of Macro'. ECC are funding the entire cost of the webinar.  All we have to do to participate is to download the necessary desktop application and log in at 7.30 on Thursday evening.  The webinar platform being used is 'GoToMeeting', which is very similar to the Zoom conferencing software that you may have heard of in recent days.  I have used this software recently and it is very straightforward. The GoToMeeting desktop application itself is free and may be found here: I will circulate the specific link that will enable you to join the webinar itself as soon as it is received.} I hope as many of you as possible will take advantage of this excellent opportunity. Regards, Alex

About The Club

Paignton Photographic Club is a long established club with members of all ages and every walk of life. Monday night meetings are held in the Methodist Hall in Paignton where a wide range of guest speakers talk about their photographic journey and provide us all with insights to help us improve as photographers. Members are encouraged to enter competitions which cater for every level within the club. For the new season, our membership fee is £48 for the year with concessions for couples and for young people. Fees are pro-rata for those joining later in the season.

Member Photos

Statue of Liberty - An exhibition of work from Leigh Tucker Butterfly Farm - An exhibition of work from Leigh Tucker The Shard - An exhibition of work from Leigh Tucker
Section B 6th Place Dave Brimley Devon's Shipwreck - Section 1 2021/22 Results Section A1 5th Place Stuart Chapman Close Quarters - Section 1 2021/22 Results Section A1 3rd Place Sturat Chapman Birds Eye View - Section 1 2021/22 Results

Archived Images

4th Place Sparkling Bulbs Ross Elliot - 2020/21 Sleep Trophy 2nd Place Gee-Tar Darren Thompson - 2020/21 Sleep Trophy Highly Commended Trees In The Sand Julie McGowen - 2020/21 Sleep Trophy


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